The mission of the state institution "Employment and Social Programs Department of Balkhash" is the implementation of the state policy of employment and the provision of quality services to the population in the field of social protection. The department provided 4037 state services in 18 types.

Since the beginning of 2017 on the issue of employment -1974 people applied, which is 649 people more than in the same period in 2016. Employed for permanent workplaces 1232 people.  The share of unemployed from the number of applicants amounted to 62.4%.

During the reporting period the plan was only 400 people, employed 631 young people, performing 157,7%.

On Short-term courses directed  333 people in the by specialties: electric welder, electrician, hairdresser, cook , accountant, driver.

Given that the composition of the unemployed is dominated by unskilled labor, greater attention is paid to the organization of public works. Contracts for public works with 54 enterprises in the town, which was attended by 458 unemployed, of which, 273 are related to the category of youth.

In order to protect the rights of youth unemployment in the city is organized annually by the youth practice for graduates of secondary and higher education institutions that receive funds from the town and republican budget.

From April this year at the youth practice of graduates from Universities, colleges of 2015-2017  involved 73 people.

Every year we create social jobs for the unemployed, among which the pre-emptive right shall be persons of pre-retirement age, persons with disabilities, persons released from places of imprisonment including probation services, lonely, parents with large families raising minor children. On social jobs with the plan 48 people in June this year sent 60 people.

Entrepreneurship training was conducted by 9 unemployed citizens and 6 start-up entrepreneurs under the Business Counselor project, organized by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken in the Karaganda region.

Organized 4 job fairs for the unemployed citizens of the city, including carried out the task fair for the employment of persons with disabilities, women and youth. Along with this, there are organized fairs on employment of graduates of educational institutions of the town.

As of October 25, 2017, 484 people are unemployed in the department.

As of October 25, 2017 in the database of the department the number of citizens living below the poverty line is 2 families in them 11 people.

The poverty level is 0.01%.

Since the beginning current of this year:

- address social assistance is assigned to 5 low-income families in the amount of 30 people for a total of 185.8 thousand tenge, with an average size of 688 tenge.

- state allowance to children up to 18 years assigned to 57 families in the amount of 129 children totaling 1598,0 thousand tenge, size 2383 tenge per child;

-for reimbursement of expenses for homeschooling children with disabilities received social assistance 33 applicants for a total amount of 548,1 thousand tenge in the amount of 3782 tenge for each child with a disability;

-social assistance in the event of a difficult life situation assigned 78 citizens for a total amount of 1770,0 thousand tenge, including:

·     with socially significant disease "tuberculosis" during out-patient treatment-13 persons amounting 295,0 thousand tenge;

·     with malignant neoplasms for the period of postoperative treatment - 60 persons for the amount of 1361.4 thousand tenge;

·     patients, caused by human immunodeficiency virus and carrier of human immunodeficiency virus - 5 people for the sum of 113,4 thousand tenge.

-provided social care services in providing the social package (food and detergents ) 16 TB patients receiving treatment on an outpatient basis for a total amount of 840,0 thousand tenge.

 - housing assistance was provided to 351 families a number of 481 people, totaling 6804,0 thousand tenge(including contributions for capital repairs at the MJD 20 families consisting of 24 people in the amount of 192,1 thousand tenge), the average amount of aid 2614 tenge.

From the beginning of 2017 participants of the project"Orleu" were 8 families with 28 people . Assigned to conditional cash assistance for a total amount of 690,3 thousand tenge. From the moment of the conclusion of the social contract, ten members of the project were provided with job assistance.

 From January 2018, there will be a new system of targeted social assistance. The amount of benefits will be assigned in Dependence on the level of income of each family. Large families will be paid a single benefit in return now receive several social benefits. In this case the working members of such families will be required to participate in the state program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship.

With the beginning of the year provided hygienic means 151 people, provided the services of a specialist sign language and individual assistant for the disabled 90, 82 are disabled assigned to sanatorium –resort treatment in sanatorium “Bereke” of Shuchinsk and “Bereznyaki” in Karaganda, 48 with disabilities provided with prosthetic and orthopedic care, issued on 35 guests with reduced mobility thermal means and 36 are disabled surdotechnical funds.

To create a barrier-free environment certified 66 socially important facilities of the town, frequented by persons with disabilities , of which are subject to adaptation 46 objects. For the period 2014-2016 19 adapted, in the current year 6 are adapted objects.

Since the beginning of the year, 6 people have been sent to regional –medical social institutions. (Shakhtinsk-2 people, Zhezkazgan 2 people, Saran-1 people, children’s psychoneurological LSG of Karaganda city -1 people). There are 20 people in the queue, 18 of them are psychoneurological medical and social institutions.

Social services at home with the individual needs get 375, of them lonely-living senior citizens 207 people, persons with disabilities 168 people.

The main objective of the Department is to improve the welfare of the people, the solution to the problem of property and aid to disabled and needy citizens, assist the unemployed in acquiring work profession. Work in this direction will be continued.