about conducting of preparatory measures to introduction

in 2018 of addressed social assistance of new format


Addressed social assistance of the new format is a single benefit that combines three existing social benefits for low-income families:

a)   addressed social assistance (hereinafter referred to as "ASP"), provided for each member of the family, if the per capita income of the family is less than 40% of the subsistence level (4k.2017 - 9606tg)

b)   children's allowances for children under 18 years (hereinafter referred to as the GDP) in the amount of 1.05 MCI or 2383 tenge in the current year, if the average per capita income of the family is less than 60% of the subsistence level (4k.2017-14408 tenge)

c)   a special state allowance provided for families with four or more minor children (hereinafter referred to as "EGR") regardless of their income (today, 9440 tenge).


It should be noted that people are not only provided with cash assistance, they are helped to find a job, they are sent to various retraining and further training courses, they provide microloans to open or expand their own business. Thus, the family potential is stimulated to overcome the state of poverty.


For reference

Addressed social assistance of the new format from 2018 will be differentiated depending on the income of the family and its composition. This means that targeted social assistance will be provided to a family with incomes below 50% of the subsistence minimum (PM in 2018 - 28284 tenge) for each family member.


To raise awareness of the population related to the modernization of the system of social assistance, the employees of the State Institution "Employment and Social Programs Department" conducted household rounds of the operating 485 families-recipients of TSA (5 families of 30 people), the GDP (63 families 145p children), CSP ( 417 sem.2172 people) for:

-         the determination of the material and everyday situation of families;

-         determining the need for families in employment and social adaptation;

-         informing the population about the introduction of the new format of the ASP.

By the results of the round-trip and analysis of the status of each family from the number of recipients of TSA, GTP, CST (2423 people out of 485 families), as of January 1, 2018, the expected number of applications for TSA of the new format is approximately 560 out of 125 families or 23.1% of the total number recipients. Of which, claim to receive:

-         conditional cash assistance 102 people from 21 families

-         unconditional financial assistance 458 people from 104 families



Information on recipients of social aid


For 2018, the expected amount of payment for TSA of the new format is KZT12852.0 thousand (MB-6426.0 thousand tenge, RB-6426.0 thousand tenge), with an average size of 2550 tenge, the payment period (turnover) is 9 months.

For reference.

Conditional cash assistance is provided to able-bodied low-income citizens or low-income families with working members in their membership, provided they are compulsorily involved in active measures to promote employment for a period of 6 months;

Unconditional monetary assistance - is assigned without conditions on a quarterly basis and is paid monthly.

In order to obtain accessible information on the modernization of the social assistance system, explanatory work is being carried out on new approaches to targeted social assistance of a new format on an ongoing basis.

Since the beginning of 2017, in the course of the work, information leaflets have been developed and disseminated in public places (CHS, CZ, health organizations, educational institutions, banks and Kazpost, etc.), were covered by mass media (12 articles "Balkhash onіrі", "Northern Pribalkhash, Pulse), a local TV channel (7 speeches and stories on the television channel "Orken Media" and "Balkhash TV") as well as field speeches by specialists:

- April 26 this year. for unemployed citizens (coverage of 100 people), as part of a job fair,

- in the villages Sayak (May 25, July 26, October 19 and November 7 this year) and Gulshat (June 29 and November 6 this year) with a coverage of 150 people;

- November 5 in the city of Balkhash with a coverage of 50 people.

- July 12 and July 26 this year. a seminar-meeting was held for the specialists of the department of Balkhash town of the Department "Population Service Center" of the branch of the State Corporation "Government for Citizens".

In the current year (April 20-21, September 29 and October 20), specialists from the Employment and Social Programs Department (hereinafter - GU) and the Employment Center have been trained in the Rules of Appointment and Payment of TSA in a new format and practical work in the AIS "Social Assistance" , conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - MLSPP).

In the future, similar training seminars were held among employees of the State Employment Agency and the Employment Center, akims and experts of Gulshat and Sayak.

Since the beginning of this year, the specialists of the State Institution and the Employment Center have explained to 76 citizens who have applied for the implementation of the new format of the ASP since 2018.

Work in this direction continues.



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