In its Message “New possibilities of development in condition of the fourth industrial revolution” the Head of State denoted tasks of consolidation of economy, rise of welfare of nation, that is vivid example of care, supporting of citizens and decision of social problems. One of the 10 priority tasks of the Message is improvement of quality of human capital.

Rightly noted, that social aid will be rendered only really needy. For strengthening of measures of state support for disabled citizens from 2018 introducing new order of rendering of addressed social aid for low bracket category of the population. Increased the threshold of its provision from 40 tot 50% of the subsistence minimum. Cash aid for able-bodied underprovided citizens will be available on the assumption of their participation to the extent of assistance of employment with the aim of extirpation of dependence.

The head of the State emphasized attention on problem of legalization of labour activity of citizens, which directly influence for amount of pensions and social welfare. Many workers in town takes their wage “in an envelopes”, nor concluding employment contracts, respectively and compulsory social contributions are not deducted. Citizens, agreeing with this form, deprive themselves of deserved pension provision, targeted social assistance, the possibility of paying sick leave, unemployment benefits, leave to care for a child before reaching the age of three, and so on.

The head of State mark, that by reserve of economy growth are self-employed and unemployed citizens. Not all self-employed citizens show a desire to learn and work. The town is purposefully working to reach this category by involving them in the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship. The program gives the opportunity to train the working profession on a free basis, the opening of one's own business.

The policy of social modernization is aimed at satisfying the needs of the people of Kazakhstan. The announced new approaches in the sphere of labor, employment and training of professional personnel will contribute to the welfare of each individual citizen.

The acceptance of the Law on Electronic Labor Exchange will expand the possibilities of providing employment services for job seekers and assisting in the selection of personnel for the employer by combining all sources of supply and demand in the labor market.

The not indifferent attitude and labor contribution of each of us will lead to the achievement of a new quality of life.

Head of the SE “Department of employment

and social programs of Balkhash town”                                         J.Tompieva