Beginning from 2016, in Kazakhstan the new holiday is celebrated it is Day of gratitude. That day is bright holiday of mercy, friendship and love of all kazakhstanians to each other.

         Number of charity events for invalids in need and children-invalids was organized by the SE “Department of employment and social programs in Balkhash town” on 01.03.2018:

-         Free viewing of children feature film at the cinema “Alem Cinema”, with participation of 60 people;

-         Festive lunch at the café “Istanbul Doner”  for 12 persons with limited possibilities  (IE Arymbekov A.);

-         Share “Clothes as a gift”  for 10 invalids in need with participation of shops of clothes (“Assol’ ”, “Valeria”, “Galant plus”, “Galant”, “MILAVITSA”, “Eurasia”, “Vertical”, “CRYSTALL”, “Aia”, “Bobek”);

-         Free services of hairdresser at the salon “Zlatovlaska” for 10 invalids in need.