The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.Nazarbayev, in his message to the people of Kazakhstan, "New Opportunities for Development in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", outlined a number of tasks for strengthening the economy and improving the welfare of the people, which is a vivid example of caring, supporting citizens and solving social problems. Seventh priority task: Human capital is the basis of modernization, aimed at high-quality employment and an equitable social security system.

In accordance with the order of the Head of State on the formation of a new social policy and strengthening the targeting of assistance to the most needy, since January 1, 2018 in Kazakhstan new approaches have been introduced to provide targeted social assistance based on the principles of conditionality and the conclusion of a social contract with able-bodied low-income citizens, participation in measures to promote employment. And for disabled citizens, state support measures will be strengthened.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 17, 2001 "On State Targeted Social Assistance" targeted social assistance of a new format (hereinafter referred to as "TSA") is provided to low-income individuals (families) with per capita income below the poverty line.

Since January 1, 2018 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the poverty line has been determined at the rate of 50% of the subsistence minimum (up to 2018 - 40%), calculated for the quarter preceding the quarter for applying for

Poverty line in the Karaganda region is:

1st quarter of 2018 - 11471 tenge (50% of 22941 tenge);

Q2 2018 - 12422 tenge (50% of 24844 tenge).

The amount of  TSA per family is calculated as the difference between the per capita income and the poverty line in the region, calculated for each family member.

Example of calculating targeted social assistance for a new format for 1 family:

The composition of the family is 6 people, of them able-bodied - 2 people (father works, mother - to care for a child up to 7 years), 4 children under 18;

The average monthly income of the family in the 1st quarter of 2018 is 45005tg (SGP- 10005tg, the salary of the father is 35000tg)

The average income for 1 person is -7501 tenge (45005/6)

Poverty line for the 2nd quarter of 2018-12422 tenge;

Amount of TSA per month:

for one recipient 4921 tenge (12422-7501)

on the family of 29526 tenge (4921 * 6)

TSA is divided into: unconditional and conditional cash assistance.

Unconditional monetary assistance is provided to low-income families that do not have able-bodied members in their composition or who for objective reasons can not participate in active measures to promote employment (pensioners, people with disabilities in groups 1,2 and / or having diseases for which a temporary disability period is established two months caring for a child under the age of 7, a disabled child, a disabled person in group 1 or group 2, elderly people in need of constant external care and assistance).

For such categories, TSA in the form of unconditional monetary assistance is appointed from the month of filing the application, for the current quarter and is paid monthly.

Conditional monetary assistance (hereinafter referred to as RBP) is provided to low-income families (persons) who have able-bodied members, provided they participate in active measures to promote employment (training, social work places, youth practices, social work, employment) and, if necessary, social adaptation, with the conclusion of a social contract.

The CMA is appointed for the duration of the social contract (up to six months), is paid monthly or lump sum for the period established in the social contract.

Simultaneously, the CMA is paid once every three months and is used solely for activities related to the fulfillment of obligations under the social contract, for the development of personal subsidiary farming (purchase of livestock, poultry, etc.), and the organization of individual entrepreneurial activities.

A person or family applying for TSA applies to the Employment Center or akim of the village.

Since the beginning of this year, targeted social assistance has been provided to 21 low-income families in the amount of 99 people for a total of 1454.7 thousand tenge (unconditional - 51 of 12 families for a total of 1011.7 thousand tenge, due to 48 out of 9 for the total amount of 443.0 thousand tenge). The average monthly size of TSA per one receiver is 2939 tenge.

From the number of TSA recipients in the form of conditional cash assistance, 2 able-bodied family members were involved in active employment measures (1 person is enrolled for free on 3-month short-term retraining courses for a seamstress specialty, with a scholarship, 1 worker is employed for permanent a working place for the position of the nurse of the operation block of the KGP Central Hospital of Balkhash town).

Within the framework of social adaptation measures, social support has been provided in the form of:

- Housing assistance to 9 families for a total of 251.3 thousand tenge, with an average size of 5585 tenge;

- To the International Women's Day on March 8, 7 large families, a one-time material assistance was given in the amount of 5000 tenge for a total of 35.0 thousand tenge;

- to the day of "Nauryz" meiramy, 13 low-income families in the amount of 62 people with income below the poverty line, issued a one-time material assistance in the amount of 6000 tenge per each member of the family for a total of 372.0 thousand tenge.

When interacting with the State Institution "Education Department of Balkhash town", 4 children from 3 families received directions to preschool children's organizations and 3 children from 2 families were offered preferential vouchers to summer recreation camps.

Specialists of the State Administration and the Employment Center are constantly explaining new approaches to targeted social assistance. Information booklets have been developed and disseminated in public places, articles have been published in the media, regular appearances on the city's TV channels, videos on the official websites of the city akimat, the State Administration of the Employment and Social Programs of Balkhash and social networks.

Thus, the formation of a new social policy and strengthening the targeting of assistance to the most needy are an integral part of the package of measures taken by the state.

For full information on the procedure for appointing targeted social assistance, you can contact the State Institution "Employment and Social Programs Department of Balkhash City" and KSU "Employment Center of the Balkhash Akimat's People", at the address: ul.Ualikhanova 5, office №3,7,12 phone 8 (71036) 44061.42400.

Gulmira  Makhtbekova

Head of the sector by appointment and

  payment of social benefits

Department of Employment and

of social programs in Balkhash town