Head of the State of the Republic of Kazakhstan - The leader of the nation, N.A.Nazarbayev, in his Address to the People of Kazakhstan "New Opportunities for Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" noted that it is necessary to provide digitalization of the processes of obtaining state support by the business with its "one-stop-shop" principle.

Integration of information systems of state bodies will allow to pass from rendering separate state services to complex ones on the principle of "one application".

a seminar- training on obtaining electronic digital signatures, public services through the e-government portal and working with the service of obtaining certificates by third parties conducted the Administration of the Administration of Balkhashtown, the Department of Employment and Social Programs of Balkhash town together with the department of the Balkhash Department of the Department of the Public Service Center - a branch of the non-profit state corporation State Corporation "Citizens for Citizens" in the Karaganda regiononJune 7, of  this year.

The seminar was attended by persons with disabilities and representatives of public associations such as PA"Balkhash townAssociation of Disabled People", Balkhash TownPrimary Organization under the Regional Kazakh Society of the Blind, PA"Ullken Zhurek".