Sports event - "We are strong, dexterous and bold" for children with disabilities and people over 18 with psychoneurological diseases was held on the eve of the Day of Astana in the sports and health complex of Balkhash town on July 4, 2018.

Participants of the event were divided into 4 teams and competed in 7 competitions. The program included different games and physical exercises. Children ran, jumped, had fun from the heart.

In conclusion, the organizers of the event offered participants drinks and ice cream competitions.

On July 6, at Zheltoksan Street on embankment, an exhibition was organized - the sale of children's creative works dedicated to the anniversary of Astana, made by children and their parents. The products presented here delighted the eye with bright colors, patterns, interlacing of satin ribbons, laces and shiny threads. The townspeople appreciated the work of the exhibitors with dignity and with pleasure bought up the products they liked.