The charity event Day of Mercy and Goodness “Nauryz Yrysy” was organized on the eve of spring holiday “Nauryz meiramy” for children with limited possibilities and invalids over 18 years of age with psychoneurological disease on 19.03.2018.

The celebration of Nauryz began with traditional meeting – Kydyr ata and Umai ana, Aldar –kose, kind Padishah and beautiful Shaherezada. The children had fun, congratulated each other on the New Year, wished each other good, sang songs, danced the dance "Kara zhora". Competitions in reading tongue twisters and guessing riddles is conducted.

Traditionally, at the end of the action all participants were waited with a festive dastarkhan, with the blessing of Kydyr ata, Nauryz treats and sweet gifts.

This joy was brought to the children by the sponsors: IE Abildina G. (the shop “Kausar”), IE Lyskina G. (the shop “Bobek”).

On the 21th of March of this year on the Ualikhanov street wiil be organized free riding on camels for 40 children with limited possibilities.

In the framework of celebrating “Nauryz meiramy” on 22.03.2018 will conduct the exhibition “Sheber koldar” products of fine and decorative art of persons with limited possibilities.