Since April 1, 2019, the subsistence minimum is 29698 tenge, the poverty line size is 20789 tenge, the telephone of hotline is 44061.


The share «Begin yourself»

The share «Begin yourself»

            The anti-corruption share "Begin yourself", promoting formation in the society anti-corruption outlook and the atmosphere of intolerance to corruption is continued.
The purpose of the action is support of income transparency and increasing of trust from the side of population to civil servants.
Information about income and property of civil servants are provided within the carried-out action:







Tompieva Zhanat Kazievna



4- room flat


Kondubayeva Aliya Beisembekovna

Deputy of the leader


3-room flat


Abdrakhmanova Meruert Zhaksylykkyzy

Main specialist


She has not


Serikbayeva Zhanagul Tasbolatovna

Sector manager of accounting and reporting


She has not


Aulbayeva Lazat Kairatovna

Main specialist


She has not


Sadvakasova Kulzhan Agzhanovna

Leading specialist


She has not


Kasimova Aigul Katayevna

Sector manager of labour, employment and social partnership


She has not


Abdykarinova Asel Zhabikbayevna

Main specialist


She has not


Aitmaganbetova Ainagul Bakhitbekovna

Leading specialist


She has not


Makhtbekova Gulmira Aitalymovna

Sector manager on awarding and paying of social allowances


3-room flat


Altynbekova Almagul Kasymkalievna

Main specialist


She has not


Kiyakbayeva Dina Berdygalievna

Main specialist


A car


Shormanova Zhibek Sibakovna

Sector manager on work with veterans, invalids and underprovided citizens


She has not


Taimova Saulesh Sadvakasovna

Main specialist


She has not


Rakhmanova Gulzira Erbolovna

Main specialist


2-room flat


Information about done work on fighting against corruption State establishment “The department of employment and social programs in Balkhash town”

The state head N.A.Nazarbaev in his Message “Kazakhstan-2030” among long-dated priors of the country development determined the task of forming a professional state. Among seven main foundations of the strategy, on the base of it government, local authority and state organs will be finally formed, the task of decisive and relentless fighting against corruption was put. “It is necessary to fight cruelly against corruption, in spite of a person and a post. Administrative corpus must be cleared decidedly and renewed” – mentioned the President. Consistency of taking policy was confirmed by the RK President and in the message “Strategy of entering Kazakhstan to number of 50 competitive countries of the world”.

Fighting against corruption can be effective, if aims and tasks, realizing in the state program are fully realized. Not only supreme power and a society must mercilessly fight against corruption. Definitely, corruption is not eradicated by one-sided actions from the side of state, active civil position of the society is demanded.

Effective execution of the Law “About fighting against corruption” is presented by the main achievement condition of practical results in fighting against corruption. All state organs and official persons must hold fighting against corruption within its competence according to the article 6 point 1 of the Republic of Kazakhstan Law “About fighting against corruption”.

Plan of actions on counteracting of corruption in Balkhash town for 2011-2015”, and also “Plan of actions on realizing of recommendations of the Republican social council on fighting against corruption” of Karagandy region Akim have been confirmed by Balkhash town Akimat statement from 30.06.2011 №27/24 for executing the Program of fighting against corruption in Balkhash town.

The Law “About fighting against corruption” from 02.07.1998 determines corruption as a not foreseen acceptance by law personally or through mediators of property welfare and advantages by persons, who execute state functions, and also by persons, who are equal to them, with executing of their post authorities and possibilities, and it is equal to persons’ data bribery by illegal giving to them, physical and juridical persons, shown welfare and advantages.

Corruption presents the special dangerous in such spheres, from what everyday life activity – provision of social safety, health public, education, dwelling-municipal service, etc. depends directly.

Regular work on informing the population about taking work of the department is realized by the department via mass media (the department chief’s speech and information about the department activity). All informational materials, renewing by state purchases and vacancies, information about activity of the department with regular renewing are placed on the official site of the department. Information about list of questions, entering the department competence is on the department website and published in local mass media.

The section “Fighting against corruption” is placed on the official site of SE “The department of employment and social programs in Balkhash town”. Information about taken work of SE “The department of employment and social programs in Balkhash town” is published on this section and renewed timely in order to provide openness and publicity.

A letterbox for complaints and suggestions of physical and juridical persons was put on accessible place in the department of employment and social programs. “Controlling book of state officials” is held on the department, where citizens or state officials can fix any complaints about norms infringements of “Honour Code of state officials” and also there is a telephone of confidence from 2003, with the help of it citizens can inform about existing facts of infringement of ethic standards. Confidence telephone number is published monthly in mass media (“Balkhash oniri”, “Severnoe Pribalkhashe”) and placed in the official site of the department:

Information about timely and special expenses of budget means is given in a month two times to the department of economy and finances in order to ensure a transparency in realization of decisions by expensing of budget means. The electronic program “State purchase” was set up in April, 2009, where all budget appeals are published according to the medium-term plan.

A study-thematic plan of teaching on juridical general compulsory education has been worked up and confirmed for 2013 by the department of employment and social programs, what consists of monthly juridical general compulsory education of state and civil officials.

There 4 sectors and 4 departments of social help at home are functioned in the department, where 74 people work, 15 people of them are state officials. All workers are enveloped with law teaching. 11 educational lessons have been conducted from the beginning of the year, and records were made by the confirmed plan.

All state officials pass every year a declaration about incomes.


What mark could You give as given state services in the town department of employment and social programs?